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Covid 19

Our services are deemed as "Close Contact Services" and distancing is impossible. Therefore, our Covid 19 Risk mitigation procedures are outlined below:

Before arrival

  • We will conduct a telephone consultation / triage / health check

  • We will email or text message you a ‘Consent to treatment’ form. A return email accepting these points will be sufficient to authorise treatment.

  • Please bring 2 large clean towels of your own and a facemask. 

  • Bring your own water bottle and face tissues.

  • Please ensure you have visited the toilet, as we will have no toilet facility available.

  • Be prepared to pay by Bank Transfer but if paying by cash, please place the exact money in an envelope.


Upon arrival

  • Please wait in your car until asked to enter.

  • Please use the side door to the right of the garage doors.

  • Please sanitise your hands at the entrance and don your mask.

  • Remove shoes once inside the door and place these plus any outer clothing in the storage box provided.

  • We will take your temperature with an Infra-red Non-contact Thermometer.


During treatment

  • Please keep the facemask on.

  • Any other clothing to be removed should be placed in the storage box provided.

  • We will use your towels for modesty and comfort purposes.

  • We will wear PPE and dispose of it in accordance with HSE guidelines.

  • Distancing is impossible in a contact treatment environment so all measures are to be strictly followed.


On completion of treatment

  • Dress but please do not replace shoes until you leave.

  • Please wash your hands and take your towels with you


In between appointments we will –

  • Sanitise all surfaces including couch, floor, seats and tables.

  • Sanitise all handles and equipment.

  • Sanitise the storage box used for clothing.

  • Safely dispose of all disposable items and remove for washing any linen and non-disposable items.

  • There will be no crossover of clients.


After Treatment

  • Please inform us if you develop any of the symptoms of Covid 19 within 14 days of your appointment. We undertake to do the same.

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